Surah Yasin is here. Learn Surah Yaseen by heart

During the next two weeks we are going to be adding surah yasin in parts of 16. We’ve split surah yasin into 16 parts so it is easier to learn and memorise. Part 1 is now live and can be accessed here: Surah Yasin

keep coming back everyday insha’allah to learn more. Please let us know what you think and how the learning is coming along.

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36 Responses to “Surah Yasin is here. Learn Surah Yaseen by heart”

  1. Anonymous

    You are doing a great Job..!!! Keep it up!!
    Jazakallah Khair

  2. Abdul Salam

    You people are doing a wonderful job, which will help millions of people around the world.May Almighty ALLAH bless you abundantly.

  3. Anonymous

    amazing site please keep it running well

    may Allah reward you well

  4. Anonymous

    I have learned 5 Sura’s because of your site, Please keep adding more, May Allah bless you and reward you.

  5. Anonymous

    Alhamdulillah,what a great site Ma-shallah.

    Alhamdulillah i reverted to Islam(the true religion 12 months ago)

    now i can learn more surrats from the comfort of my home at my leisure.


  6. Anonymous

    Thank you for the beautiful site! Please keep on updating. May Allah reward you.

  7. Sadiq ibn Ziad

    Great work, my dear brothers

    Keep up the work!

    May Allah reward you greatly, ameen

  8. Anonymous

    i have learnt 3 surahs from this site. its very easy to learn with the audio and translation and its really great! i thank Allah s.w.t. for this site and pray tat u all will be blessed well. love u all..

  9. Anonymous

    First of All, SubhanAllah, MashAllah…… Guiding we muslims to a right path and making sure we people doesnt distract on going wrong path while using net… wat a superb service… amazing site… with amzing qirat….

  10. Anonymous

    Thank for such a great site. I would love to see some transliteration for surah Yasin as it is extrememly hard to find that online. Keep up the great work!


  11. Anonymous


  12. Wafiy Moslim


    You people are doing a great job, and i hope u will keep it up and not stop updating. This site has really halped me. Thank you again.

    May Allah reward all you that has helped in making this site. Ameen..


  13. Shazia

    Salam Alakum

    Totally love the site, it makes it a lot easier for those learning surahs, as well as trying to improve recitation of the Quran.. as you can keep repeating a verse, without getting lost.
    Mashallah its great. May Allah reward everyone behind this. Ameen Sister

  14. Anonymous

    You have done a great job Mashallah.. May Allah bless you.. I want to know the name of the person whose reciting surah yasin?

  15. Anonymous

    I am 48 years old and never had the opportunity to learn the Quran. May Allah bless and reward you for all your effort. I am confident that your site will help many brothers and sisters to memorise the ayats of the Holy Quran.

    Jazakallah Khair

  16. hina

    Assalamu Alaikkum, Iam going to finish learning the third part of the Surah Yasin and Iam waiting for Ur site 2 publish the remaining parts of the Surah Yasin. Please publish them at ur earliest concern. Thanks. May Allah reward u.

  17. Anonymous

    Assalamu Alaikkum. I have learnt the first three parts of the Surah Yaseen and im wating for ur site 2 publish the remaining parts. Please publish them at ur earliest concern. Thanks. May Allah reward u.

  18. Sharifah


    I pray that Allah will reward you in abundance for all the effort. I pray for your well being. mashallah, great site and very well organised.

    I would like to know of the qari of the ayatul kursi. And how can i download the mp3?

  19. Sharifah


    I pray that Allah will reward you in abundance for all the effort. I pray for your well being. mashallah, great site and very well organised.

    I would like to know of the qari of the ayatul kursi. And how can i download the mp3?

  20. Anonymous

    Assalamu Alaikkum, Im 20 years old and i have learnt three parts of the surah yasin and waiting for your site publish other parts. Please update surah yasin at ur earliest consent. Thank You. May Allah reward u. Allah hafiz..

  21. Anonymous

    As salamu alaykum, my name is Aisha, from Barcelona, Spain. Thanks Allah I’ve got this web site! I learned ayatul Kursi easily, Alhamdulillah! Now I’m learning YaSin. I recomend this site to our muslim umma.
    As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

  22. Samira

    Assalam A3likum!

    Ma’shallah….what a beautiful and absolutely gorgeous site! mashallah, this really encourages me to learn the quran, especially since arabic is very difficult to read. It helps me to practice reading the quran in arabic with correct pronounciation. keep up the good work. I will be sure to spread your site. May Allah bless you all with many many rewards. Smallah….

    allah makum,

  23. Riaz

    Alhamdulillah,what a great site. This is something that i have been looking for, for so long. Please keep up th egood work and may Allah reward you and your team

  24. Anonymous

    May Allah bless you for what you are doing.It is very kind and considerate of you to think about others and share your method giving others the chance to learn Sura’s in this simple and effective manner… By Grace of Allah ..

  25. Anonymous

    i am new muslim and this is the best site for learning. very good reciting, very clear. may Allah bless you all for your work. i wish you could teach arabic too.

  26. Anonymous

    alhamdullilah…right now i can learn as much surahs as i could in this website.hope you all could improve it by teaching arabic and point out all the arabic words when we are reading the surah….may ALLAH bless you..insyallah…

  27. Anonymous

    MashAllah! Wonderful website! I really enjoy listening to everything, and learning. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your future work!

  28. Anonymous

    May Allah bless you for doing such a nice job for muslims.

  29. Anonymous

    Assalamu Alaikum, alhamdhulilah this is a brilliant site, i am 15 years of age and i am on my way to learning this beautiful Surah (Surah Yasin). i request that inshallah the last 7 parts of the Surah are published so that i can complete my objective.

  30. Anonymous

    What you people are doing is just fantastic! The sura yaseen really halped and i learned the first part thank you very much! May Allah bless you x

  31. Aisha

    Yes, this is really an exellent site for all those you want to memorise surah yasin off by heart. I really appreciate your hard work. GOD BLESS YOU

  32. Anonymous

    I am ever so grateful for coming across your site, I am now able to see whether my surahs are pronounced properly and have learnt so many new things which have broadened my knowledge on Islam. May allah bless you in this life and after.

  33. Jamila


    Mashallah you have created a fantastic website, I recite Ayat Al-Kursi and the Four Quls daily thanks to this website. May Allah (swt) reward you for your efforts, ameen.

    Jazakallah Khair

  34. Aamira

    i learnt my surah yasin


  35. Anonymous

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!

    Jazakallah khair for the noble work. Now I am able to read Surah Yasin from office in 5 min. Thank you very much for putting the translation and transliteration in English.

    May Allah guide all momineen to read Quran or Yasin each day and set our paths towards righteousness.

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