Asalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

I just wanted to give a quick update; the surah yasin tutorials have not been adding due to parallel development on other projects. I hope the first three parts have been of use and insha’allah memorised. I will be posting more updates very soon.

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10 Responses to “Update”

  1. Anonymous

    I just discovered the website and wanted to say Masha’Allah it is very well done, inshallah it will benefit many people.

  2. Anonymous

    Well done on your website. Jazakallahu Khayran! Insyallah, it’ll be a successful website which caters to the younger Islamic generation. I laude your efforts indeed.

  3. insomniac

    SubhanAllah great stuff!! Keep up the good work!

  4. Muslim Brother

    Salam All i can say is mashallaha, subhanallah suc a good site probably one of the coolest i have ever came across may allah grant you the jannah and grant you success in this life, the hereafter and give peace and tranquility to you and and your family.

  5. Anonymous

    Salamu Alaikum to all brothers and sisters. This is an excellent site and I believe this will benefit many Insha Allah. Many children and other who have difficulty to memorise or make time, everyone can learn at their own pace. Jazak Allah Khairun.

  6. Anonymous

    Brother can you please continue to post the other parts of Surah Yasin…I am waiting for the other parts so i can Continue to memorize

    -Jazaak Allah khair

  7. Anonymous

    Mashallah this is an amazing website, i’ve been trying to memorize Ayatul-Kursi for the past year but i couldn’t do it until i found this site.I CAN NOW READ AYATUL-KURSI OF bY HEART..allahuakbar May Allah (swt) Grant you good in Dunya and in Ankira..ameen
    I love this website, it became my best friend please keep adding more Surahs..It’s amazing how you chose my favourite recitor of quran..MASHALLAH..Please Keep this up.

  8. Anonymous

    this is one of most useful web site i have accross and of course learned few surahs. Mashallah to the brothers and sisters who made this site. But please put more Surah’s (by Saad AL Gamdi).

    keep you up great stuff

  9. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great website, love the layout and ease of learning surahs.

  10. Anonymous

    Assalamualaikum. from the bottom of my heart may allah give you two brothers the very best of both worlds. ‘Allhamudullilah what a great site’ Only because of you i have learnt ayatul kursi from this site and inshallah for this, Allah will reward you. walaikum-sallam

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