About Us

All praise to Allah (Glory be unto Him)  for giving us the vision, the ability and the energy to create this site.

We aim to create a learning website which makes it easy for people to learn and memorise important verses, which can benefit us all in our life for protection, success and to get closer to our Creator.

Based in Manchester, UK, we have been working in the e-learning/Internet Marketing industry for a number of years and this knowledge & experience is used to create the Learning Zone. We all build up specialist skills in our life & we should try to break out of the work routine to help individuals progress and to invest in the hereafter.

We are not scholars, we are on a journey of seeking knowledge ourselves and will do our best to guide any queries. We welcome all feedback and want to hear your comments. Register with us to receive any new updates.


This website was made possible by the will of Allah (Glory be unto Him) and with the help of the open source Muslim community online. Data sources include Quran.com, Transliteration.org, Tanzil and Online Quran Project.